News and Events


COINDIA 15th AGM held on 22nd July 2019

Energy Clinic-4

Energy Clinic-4 in the topic ‘Best Operating Practices and Energy Efficiency in Compressor Air System’ was held on 17th July 2019, organized by COINDIA under UNIDO-GEF-BEE Project

Energy Management Centre

COINDIA Energy Management Cell is serving industries with latest energy audit equipments and conducting energy audits at a nominal cost


‘Energy Clinics’ are planned to organize at some intervals at COINDIA Cluster on various topics to improve the energy efficiency and increase the awareness among foundry units on best operating practices and technologies under GEF-UNIDO-BEE Project


Eight Pilot Projects are being implemented in various member industries in Coimbatore Cluster, under the UNIDO-GEF-BEE Project with the subsidy worth of Rs.30 lakhs

COINDIA Training Centre

COINDIA Training Centre has been sanctioned for around Rs.1.25 crores for skill development training under TNSDC, GoTN for the year 2018. Unemployed candidates sourcing & Training is in process

COINDIA in association with MSME-Technology Development Centre

COINDIA in association with MSME-Technology Development Centre, Coimbatore, is working towards various skill development activities in Coimbatore region.