Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA)

Major Objective of COINDIA

Need, Scope and Objective of COINDIA

Common physical Infrastructure for the benefit of Micro and Small Enterprises belonging to Pump, Motor and Foundry Engineering Industry was a long felt need of Coimbatore region. Therefore, provision of upgraded testing facilities, state of art Business & Information Centre, physical infrastructure like road formation, Office and Meeting Hall, Library, Laboratory besides Crèche and Canteen, enabling relocation of foundries outside city limits and more importantly a Common Modern Tool Room were perceived as the scope of regional infrastructure to be put up. The Government of India has launched a scheme for the Up gradation of the Industrial Infrastructure where a cluster of units of same industry are located. The objective of the scheme is to improve international competitiveness of the industry.

In the light of the above, the objectives were drawn up by SIEMA (The Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association) along with sister Associations thus born COINDIA – COIMBATORE INDUSTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE ASSOCIATION, a special purpose organization (commonly called SPV) promoted by SIEMA.


COINDIA is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created under Govt. of India guidelines for implementing this project under Govt. of India guidelines for Industrial Infrastructure Up gradation Scheme (IIUS), which is funding the project. It is a society registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1961. The beneficiaries of the Project and organizations and industries interested in growth of the beneficiary industries are Members of the Society. The society is managed by a Committee constituted in accordance with the guidelines of IIUS and consists of the stakeholders, promoters and technical experts.


COINDIA’s project has been conceived and promoted by
The Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association (SIEMA)
with support of
Indian Institute of Foundrymen-Coimbatore Chapter (IIF),
Coimbatore Tiny and Small Foundry Owners Association (COSMAFAN),
Coimbatore Foundry Owners Association (COFIOA),
Small Industries Testing and Research Centre (Si’TARC)

COINDIA implemented this Project costing about Rs.60 crores for the growth and improvement of competitiveness and export capability of pumps, motors, and casting manufacturers in the Coimbatore Region, with the assistance of Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore has a large concentrative of pump and motor manufacturers and foundries producing castings. Most of these units are in micro, small and medium sectors. Due to their scale of operations, individual units are not able to invest in facilities for reducing cost, improving productivity, quality, range of products, and competitiveness. They are focused only on domestic market now and would like to export. The foundries have to shift out of Coimbatore for environmental reasons. COINDIA’s project is focusing on these needs.

COINDIA’s project has the following four segments:

SEGMENT – I : Provision of infrastructure at 3 locations for an extent of about 180 acres for about 200 Foundries, moving of out Coimbatore city (Foundry Complexes)

SEGMENT – II : To add to the testing and developmental facilities at Small Industries Testing and Research Centre, Coimbatore, an existing Institution, serving the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. (Si’Tarc)

SEGMENT – III : To operate two facilities at two locations for product development, tool design and production, Education and training (Product Die & Mould Centre)

SEGMENT – IV : To set up a Business Centre for procuring information and for marketing (Business Centre) The total cost of the project being implemented is Rs.55.57 crores, which is being financed as follows:

Grant from Govt. of India 38.99  
Grant from Govt. of Tamil Nadu 1.21  
Contribution from promoters and Stake Holders 15.21  
Total Rs. in Crores

Govt. of Tamil Nadu has also given land measuring 50 cents to the Project. The Project took off with the inauguration of COINDIA in May 2005 by Hon’ble Minster of State for Industry Shri. EVKS Elangovan. Ever since its inception, COINDIA continued to top the performance among the 26 Clusters sanctioned in India. The day to day implementation of the project is in the hands of a professional team.

Measurable Performance Indicators Envisioned in the Cluster Project

Other Salient features of importance to Coimbatore region from the Cluster Project